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Chantal is the one who does wonders with paper.

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Maika is the gifted knitter and jewellery crafter.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Friday Feature

I am so glad you have stopped by to meet one of our lovely shops... I was so excited to get to know ThisanThatBoutique She seems so amazing and full of energy! She answered a few of my questions (very quickly I might add) and I am sharing them here with you... Could you describe one of your typical workdays for me? I usually get up and get the kids ready for school. I have four kids and this year they will be Kindergarten, 4th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade. My 3 step daughters go to school in another city and they are 3rd grade, 5th grade and 6th grade. The mornings are hectic at our house. Then I come home and read emails and Etsy mail. I will then spend an hour and pick up the house. I can't crochet with a mess on my mind so I work better in a clean space. Then I start to work. I usually like to work order by order. I get a few hours in before its time to pick up the kids. We come home and get snacks ready and off to a sport practice. 5 of the 7 kids play a sport or are in dance of some sort. I pack my crochet bag and off we go. I bring crochet with me any where that I got and I always have a hook in hand. We come home dinner and ready for bed. I usually work for a few hours at night. Night is my best time because everyone is quiet and I can just work straight through. I package anything that I have finished. Get it ready for the post office. Pick up the house and off to bed to start over again. :)
What part of owning a etsy shop do you find most challenging? I have a hard time with the marketing of my shop. I am always trying to find ways to bring in the right type of traffic. What do find most enjoyable? I just love to crochet and so getting good feedback and hearing about happy customers is my main joy. Do you have a favorite hobby? (not crochet/knit) I love to bake. I always say when the kids are grown I want to go to school for baking. How many hours do you spend on crocheting in a typical week? I would say at least 50 hours. I am always crocheting when I can. How long have you been crocheting for? 25 years. My grandmother taught me when I was a 10 year old child. How did you get into Knit or crochet?
My grandmother was a very talented craft person and crochet was her best. She loved it and passed that love on to me. Is this the only craft you do? I can dabble in just about everything except the sewing machine. That is my next goal to learn. What is your favorite item from your shop and why? I just adore most of my items but this one has to be my favorite. The Flower Bonnet.
If you would like to see more of the beautiful work in this shop please check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThisanThatBoutique