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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday Feature - Ilse Hamblin

I was super excited to get to know our next Friday feature shop owner Ilse Hamblin of

Ilse has been a member of the crafty housewives team for a long time. Take a minute to get to know her. You will be happy you did.

1. Could you describe one of your typical workdays for me?
- I wake up and usually make breakfast for my husband, pack his lunch and clean-up. I then spend time on Skype with my mom, as I work for her part-time a few days a week, doing admin for her business as well as planning her wedding. In between walking our puppy, I blog and work on Annie Housewife admin. Afternoons are usually about designing, stenciling and sewing, then cooking dinner. If I have a deadline I usually try to work some more after dinner, but mostly I like to spend time unwinding.

2. What part of owning a Etsy shop do you find most challenging?
- Keeping the traffic coming in. We’re still newbies, so it’s been a learning process trying to keep the initial enthusiasm of our customers, friends and family. Luckily my husband is great at social network- based marketing, so he has been extremely helpful with that. I have also had to learn to put my anxiety about people hating my work, aside and just have faith in my creativity.

3. What do find most enjoyable?
- How easy Etsy is to use as well as the diversity of people selling their crafts. Also receiving appreciation for your work is always great!

4. Do you have a favorite hobby? (not what you sell on etsy)
Reading, Cooking, Swimming, Planning parties...

5. How many hours do you spend on (your etsy craft) in a typical week?
30 hours most weeks, although it is less than I used to because I have had to take on part-time work.

6. How long have you been (doing your etsy craft) for?
I did screen printing since I was a child and sewing since High School, so for about 15 and 8 years respectively.

7. How did you get into your etsy craft?
I was born in South Africa and as a child, there were no summer camps during our vacation time, so my mother spent our vacations teaching us crafts from a young age. I learned how to draw, paint, screen print etc. during Preschool vacations and in High School I learned how to sew.

8. Is this the only craft you do?
At the moment yes, but I have done some scrapbooking, embroidery, knitting, jewelry and collage before, and sometimes I return to it for a change of scenery.

9. What is your favorite item from your shop and why? (Please link it)
(optional) www.etsy.com/listing/105855027/bluegreen-polka-dot-8-inch-square-pot
These pot holders are my favorite! This fabric was so unique, and the potholders themselves were easy to make, one of the more fun items I’ve designed.

10. Do you have any sales or discounts for your shop at this time?
We have a 10% discount coupon code especially for all team members: CRAFTYLADIES

- How long have you been selling on etsy?
Since March this year.

- What is your favorite color?

- Any advise to our team?
Keep working at it, but be aware enough to ask yourself if it’s working. I had to learn this recently.

Holiday gift guide - for Boys

As the holidays approach I realize it is sometimes hard to think of something fun and unique by way of gifts.  Our team is amazing!  I was looking for gifts for boy and made this treasury.  I hope you find many ideas for your gifts this year as well.

'Gifts for boys' by yellowlemons

Shopping for boys can be fun too!

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Treasury tool supported by the dog house